Making Space

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Do you dream of having a clean, minimal closet with a wardrobe made up of only pieces you love?

The biggest piece of feedback I’ve gotten from my one-on-one clients over the last four years is that they felt so much lighter after I helped them let go of all of the random articles of clothing that weren’t working for them. All of a sudden, before we even bought any new clothes, getting dressed became a lot easier. We think we need to hold onto all those old things to have options, but the truth is, they’re only obscuring what we need to be able to see.

In the Making Space course, we’ll work through all of the emotional blocks that are keeping you from letting go.

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Dacy Gillespie
Dacy Gillespie
Personal Stylist

About Dacy

Hi, I'm Dacy, the personal stylist behind mindful closet and your Making Space instructor. If there's one thing I want you to know, it's this: getting dressed doesn’t have to be stressful.  There is a better way to approach your closet and I love helping people get there.    

I work with people who are ready for a change. Together, we bring out their style in a peaceful, strategic and most importantly, mindful way. The more clients I work with, the more I realized that I had a particular strength in showing people how to let go of what doesn't serve them. 

I wasn't always so good at letting go myself. Five years ago, I had a closet full of clothes and two full wardrobe racks in the basement and couldn't resist a bargain. Through lots of mindful reflection, I figured out where the issues were and now I can pack my whole wardrobe in a carry-on.

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It’s such a relief to have a more consolidated wardrobe, to know what pieces I need to focus on, and to know which pieces I should avoid. -Veronica

I have felt so much better about my clothes, and I continue to let go of pieces that don’t work for me anymore.  -Michelle

Eliminating clothes from my closet could have been tragically painful. Instead it seemed like the easiest decisions I had made in a long time. Dacy helped me find the freedom of owning less.  -Brooke