I'm a former classical musician who hated performing. I’m an introvert who loves people but hates talking on the phone. I love to eat but hate meal planning and I love to shop but hate spending money. 

I grew up in Mobile, Alabama, but have also lived in Portland, Houston, NYC, and Miami. I currently live in St. Louis with my husband and two little boys.

Unlike other personal stylists, I’m not going to tell you what the latest trends are and what to buy. My specialty is asking the questions that make you realize you already know what you want to wear, but you haven’t been listening to yourself because the voices around you are louder than yours.  

You’ve been wearing things for all the wrong reasons, and you know it, but you need someone to call you on it. That's me. 

I used to keep up with every Paris fashion show and spend all my energy trying to make sure my appearance showed that I *knew* about fashion and the latest trends. When I finally realized that wearing what I actually *felt* good in was so much easier and more effortless, I ended up applying that to lots of other areas in my life. 

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of one-on-one clients and thousands of readers let go of the external messages they’ve been given about what they should wear and make way for a simpler, more authentic way of expressing their style.