About me

I haven't always had a minimalist closet. Believe it or not, about five years ago, I had two racks of clothing in my basement in addition to a full closet. I finally realized that I was wasting vast amounts of time and energy on bringing things into my wardrobe, wearing them once, and then getting rid of them. 

Over several years of changing my shopping habits and working through what I really needed to own, I have come to my current closet comfort level of about 40 pieces per season. 

Not long after that, I started my personal styling business. I quickly realized that one of my strengths was in helping people come to terms with the reasons why they were having trouble letting go. I wanted to give others a way to go through the process with me, so I created the Making Space course. 

Other stuff:

I’m a former classical musician.

I grew up in Mobile, Alabama but have also lived in Portland, OR, Oberlin, OH, Houston, TX, New York, NY, and Miami, FL.

I currently reside in a Mid-Century Modern home in a sweet little neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri with my husband (a bassist for the St. Louis Symphony) and our rambunctious three-year-old son (who loves construction equipment, despite my best efforts to turn him on to dolls and clothes).  

I’m an introvert who loves people but hates talking on the phone, loves to eat but hates meal planning, and loves to shop but hates spending money.

I am absolutely obsessed with my surroundings and on a constant quest for perfection in my home. I love helping other people clear the clutter from their wardrobe, find beautiful pieces they love and enjoy the benefits of a simple, mindful approach to clothes.

I’m a visual person (if I don't write it down, I won't remember it), so you’ll often find me taking photos and keeping notes in my bullet journal. 

Aside from clothes and fashion, I'm currently obsessed with slow living and how mothers balance ambition and the demands of parenting.