Shopping can be overwhelming. How do you know what you need? How do you find what you want? How do you find your size? Where do you look?

When I surveyed my email list, I found that many people are already pretty minimal, and in fact, their biggest struggle is how to *add* things to their wardrobe.

Does the thought of having to buy new clothes fill you with dread?

Do you want to opt out of consumer culture and buy things thoughtfully?

Do you struggle with where to start when you need to purchase something?

In this workshop, I’ll teach you how to reduce the overwhelm around the shopping experience.


How past experiences have shaped your present frustrations

Realistic expectations for shopping

How to keep your focus and stay away from distractions

How to make sense of sizing

Specific tips for shopping online

Course Curriculum

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    The Workbook

    • mindful closet stress free shopping workbook

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    The Workshop

    • The Stress Free Shopping Workshop

About the instructor

Personal Stylist

Dacy Gillespie

Hi, I'm Dacy, the personal stylist behind mindful closet and your Making Space instructor. If there's one thing I want you to know, it's this: getting dressed doesn’t have to be stressful.  There is a better way to approach your closet and I love helping people get there.    I work with people who are ready for a change. Together, we bring out their style in a peaceful, strategic and most importantly, mindful way. The more clients I work with, the more I realized that I had a particular strength in showing people how to let go of what doesn't serve them. I wasn't always so good at letting go myself. Five years ago, I had a closet full of clothes and two full wardrobe racks in the basement and couldn't resist a bargain. Through lots of mindful reflection, I figured out where the issues were and now I can pack my whole wardrobe in a carry-on.